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Today, a facelift procedure is one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate your appearance and restore a youthful, vibrant look. But all facelifts are not equal, and the methods, philosophies and providers you have to choose from are many. And, of course, the choice you make is essential to getting the beautiful, natural-looking results you want and deserve.

Highly capable care completely devoted to what is best for you.

At Accents Facial Plastic Surgery, appropriate, subtle results and a natural appearance are at the core of Dr. Falconer’s approach toward the facelift procedure. It is essential that you look like you… and not like you’ve had plastic surgery. This starts by understanding your needs and desires, developing a custom treatment designed for — and achieves — results that suits who you are.

Also, Dr Falconer knows that it often takes a combination of techniques to achieve optimal results. Fat transfer can add needed volume. A custom peel can reduce wrinkles or improve pigmentation. Liposuction can improve chin and/or neck lines. In fact, Dr. Falconer may recommend against a facelift in favor of a method that will better lead to the natural results you want.

Maximizing your look. Minimizing hassle.

Dr. Falconer performs most facelifts as outpatient procedures in his office surgical suite, using light sedation and avoiding general anesthesia. By doing this, Dr. Falconer helps reduce certain risks while also permitting an easier and faster recovery — sometimes as little as a week! Dr. Falconer is among the few plastic surgeons in the area performing facelifts using local anesthesia with light sedation.