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Custom Facial Peels are tailored solutions backed by experience & focused on results.

peels2When it comes to custom peels, certain methods are known to be effective at rejuvenating and refreshing your appearance. But the real question is this: What method or combination of methods will be most appropriate and effective for you?

But there are other questions, too. What skill and know-how are behind your peel procedure? What is the philosophy of care? What is the level of commitment? Are you getting the solution you need? Or the one being offered?

Get the right care for you… from experienced hands.

At Accents Facial Plastic Surgery, Randall J. Falconer, MD, brings not just a high level of experience and capability to facial peels but a unique degree of dedication to excellence. Also, central to Dr. Falconer’s approach is his total emphasis on achieving natural-looking results by doing what is known to work, where it works best and with unswerving commitment to your unique needs.

Dr. Falconer has used both chemical and laser peel techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for hundreds of patients. As a result, he today has a highly honed method that combines techniques and is based on real know-how. Also, Dr. Falconer views the face and the neck and upper chest as one esthetic unit and takes care to avoid boundaries, lines or other visible signs of “work done.” He also knows which areas of the face are best suited by chemical peel or by using the laser. In addition, because of his experience and advanced capability, Dr. Falconer is able to use the techniques that provide effective and excellent results but require a high level of skill.