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Focused on top-quality results for a refreshed, natural look.
You should look like you.

naturalFor cosmetic surgical procedures, like facelifts, the goal is simple: Enhance appearance. And that means doing so in a subtle fashion, with results that look natural, like they have always been there and are not the result of surgery. Simply put, looking “worked on” is not a desirable outcome. At Accents Facial Plastic Surgery in Kingsport, this is the heart of our philosophy and our approach to your care.

Well-versed with a wide range of techniques, Dr. Falconer focuses on the least aggressive means of satisfying your desires for your appearance. He takes a head-and-neck surgeon’s perspective, following the science and considering function and internal anatomical structures. At the same time, Dr. Falconer — an accomplished photographer with work on public display — augments his surgical skill with a true sense of line, form, symmetry and the other aspects of beauty to help you look refreshed, natural and like yourself.