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Compassionate, Dedicated Care
A philosophy of caring, commitment & truly personalized attention.

40sDr. Falconer knows that facial plastic surgery is a big step. That’s why he, like everyone here at Accents Facial Plastic Surgery, is committed to making sure your procedure is the RIGHT step.

A facial procedure warrants total focus, attention to detail, personal commitment, accessibility and supportiveness. It warrants dedication to doing what’s right, appropriate, ethical, responsible and naturally appealing. It also warrants doing the follow-ups, checking on patients after procedures and always dealing with people honestly and compassionately.

For Dr. Falconer, your new, attractive look is well worth, and deserving of, the extra time and attention. He listens to you, gets to know your concerns and deals with you honestly, respectfully and with genuine sensitivity to your needs. He sets realistic expectations and explains things in plain language. And Dr. Falconer believes in being there to support you… before, during and after your facial plastic surgery procedure.