LifeStyle Lift Comparison

At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, I was able to hear presentations by representatives (and surgeons) for the “Lifestyle Lift”. I learned that the company has evolved its treatment philosophy to provide a wider range of treatment options, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. Surgeons are given some latitude in their treatment planning which is certainly a benefit to the patient. As a matter of fact, I employ many of the same surgical techniques in my practice.

I still believe, however, that patients benefit from seeing a surgeon closer to home. I prefer to see patients quite frequently after surgery to identify any problems and to give them the reassurance they need. Undergoing facial surgery is a big step and can be very intimidating. A close working relationship with one’s surgeon makes this process much more comfortable, pleasant, and rewarding.

Like “icing on the cake”, little touches can make a good result great. Whether it’s a touch of botox or filler, or even revising an incision line, aftercare is vital to getting the most from your surgery. My obsession with results requires proximity to patients for the best communication and careful observation.

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